English Japanese Dictionary Free

English Japanese Dictionary Free

English – Japanese Dictionary is a useful application which helps you look up and learn English and Japanese at all levels. With nearly 1 million words from the database, users will find all the necessary vocabularies. Because of its intuitive user interface, this app will help you find the right translation instantly. Moreover, the application also allows users to refer to words’ meanings on popular online dictionaries such as WordReference, Bab.la, Glosbe, ALC, Tangorin, Linguee…

Especially, English – Japanese Dictionary from BHMedia also has a great new feature called Draw Recognition, you can directly draw on screen, this feature is very consistent with figurative language. Thanks to the Photo Recognition feature, you can easily look up and translate unfamiliar words just by taking pictures of them! For your information, BHMedia has premium dictionaries which contain up-to-date vocabulary covering a wide range of different subject areas. It provides intuitive word look-up allowing you to find the information you need faster and easier. Let’s try and explore the exciting features of English – Japanese Dictionary from BHMedia! 

Main features:

•Two-way lookup between English and Japanese

•Favorites - to quickly access frequently searched words.

•Jump from one language direction to the other with just one click: from ‘English => Japanese’ to ‘Japanese => English’ and vice versa. 

•See references from online dictionaries: WordReference, Bab.la, Glosbe, ALC, Tangorin, Linguee…

•Wide range of translation: Voice Recognition, Draw Recognition, Photo Recognition … 

•Recordings by native speakers.

•Reliable and accurate translation

•Comprehensive entries with usage examples, tables of inflected word forms, etc.

•Provides numeral sound data of English and Japanese voice, supports training pronunciation

•Add more new and helpful words into Vocabulary for studying later and view searched words through History function 

•Cross-check words

•Searches as you type – no waiting for results

•Paragraph translation is also supported

•“Words of the day” gives you new words daily

•Learn effectively through Grammar and Game Tutorial


Link Download: https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/bh-english-japanese-dictionary/id823349995?mt=8

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