Ứng dụng Tube Video Player

Ứng dụng Tube Video Player

Tube Video Player designed and developed by BHmedia promisingly gives you the best way to browse, watch videos with high-quality. Moreover, with a convenient, friendly and easy-to-use interface in retina resolution: you can watch videos while searching, looking at other video lists and so on at the same time. 

Main features: 

★ Watch videos in a variety of categories such as Entertainment, Comedy, Science & Technology. 

★ Create favorite list for later view and easy access. 

★ Auto-play of the next video in a playlist. 

★ Create "My Favourites, My Playlists” for later view and easy access and manage them (rename, merge, move, copy, delete). 

★ Support background play (multitasking). 

★ Easy search (auto-completion with search history), search by key words or video links. 

★ Share the videos with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email. 

★ Order videos for easy view according to Locations, Sort by (relevance, date, view count, rating) and Time (all, today, this week).

- Link tải ứng dụng Tube Video Player: https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/tube-video-player/id536852914?mt=8

- Screenshot:

- Link các ứng dụng iOS của BHMedia: http://itunes.apple.com/vn/artist/bhmedia/id488053220


bhmedia Ứng dụng Tube Video Player

Tube Video Player

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