Delicious Dishes Recipes

Delicious Dishes Recipes

Most people agonize over what to cook every day. 'Delicious Dishes Recipes' app from BH Media is a fast solution for figuring out a lot of tasty dishes. There’s a huge selection of delicious step-by-step recipes chosen carefully. Let’s discover and save your favorite recipes for quick and easy reference and share them on Facebook and Twitter, and email them to your friends. 'Delicious Dishes Recipes' also works as a meal planner. You can add your recipes for each day and you can delete them as things come up. Plus, we add some useful cooking and kitchen tips for you to share with others.

Hope you like it and have great meals!

Download link:


In the app you will find:

• Recipes are classified in 10 categories with 70 subcategories.
• The full content of cooking guide for each dish including ingredient information and step-by-step directions.
• A simple, easy-to-use search function that helps you browse the recipes by ingredient, or keyword.
• A Schedule section that works as a meal planner for each day using a simple calendar feature.
• A My Recipes section where you can build and save recipes for a specific day or meal.
• A Favorites section where you can save recipes you like.
• Modern layout design, so the information and recipes are easy to follow.
• The ability to share recipes and information via email, with Facebook and Twitter.
• A Tip section where you can get some great tips and tricks.


- Browse a huge collection of free recipes, at the comfort of your home!
- Get complete recipe directions and ingredients
- Search the recipes easily by dish title, ingredient or keyword
- Pages load fast
- Access quickly to Favorite recipes
- Access to up to 10 categories and 70 subcategories
- Organize your meals for each day in the week or month by adding menus and recipes to the schedule
- Share recipes and tips via Email, Facebook and Twitter
- Do not require internet connection

If you require any assistance, please contact us at We love your feedback!

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