Two greedy bears (Hai chú gấu tham ăn tiếng Anh)

Two greedy bears (Hai chú gấu tham ăn tiếng Anh)

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One day, there were two bear cubs, who told their mum that they would find food by themselves. For a long time, they did not find any food and felt hungry. Suddenly, they found a large piece of cheese. Each bear was frightened they would get less than their share so they fought over the cheese. Neither gave in to the other but a sly fox passed by and many things then happened...

This story brings many meaningful lessons, which are about living in harmony with your siblings, cherishing them and helping them.

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- Funny interactive built-in game "Finding the cheese"
- Read by professional narrators
- Colorful illustrations & animations
- Interesting touch elements
- Great music & sound effects
- Easily adjust settings: volume, brightness, automatic page turning mode, show/hide text and font color
- Quickly share via email, facebook, twitter
- … and ALL are FREE!

Download it now and enjoy the world of interactive stories!

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