Beauty And The Beast HD

Beauty And The Beast HD

Once upon a time, there was a rich merchant who lived with his three daughters. Suddenly, his family was hit by misfortune, and his fortune was entirely wiped out. One day, he got lost and reached an empty castle. But…when he took a rose for his daughter, a ferocious beast appeared. The monster said that he would let him go if he sent one of his daughters to willingly live with him. What should the merchant do?
Let’s read on to find out!
The story teaches kids a meaningful lesson, which is about bravery, respecting a promise, and above all, that real love can make miracles happen.

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- Read by professional narrators
- Colorful illustrations & animations
- Interesting touch elements
- Great music & sound effects
- Easy-to-adjust settings: volume, brightness, automatic page turning mode, show/hide text and font color
- Quickly shareable via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter
- Easily make your own story by RECORDING AUDIO & VIDEO, then save and share it with friends via e-mail, Facebook, YouTube, or Dropbox
- … and ALL for FREE!

Download it now and enjoy the world of interactive stories!

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