The Hare And The Tortoise - Thỏ và rùa

The Hare And The Tortoise - Thỏ và rùa

One day, a hare and a tortoise decided to race to settle their argument about who was faster. The hare ran briskly and thought that the tortoise was not able to catch up with him, so he stopped to relax and soon fell asleep on the course. Meanwhile, the tortoise continued to plod on. Who will be the winner? Let’s stay tuned to find out!
The funny story teaches kids a meaningful lesson about cautiousness and diligence, which are key factors for success and victory.

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- Read by professional narrators
- Colorful illustrations & animations
- Interesting touch elements
- Great music & sound effects
- Easy-to-adjust settings: volume, brightness, automatic page turning mode, show/hide text and font color.
- Quickly shareable via email, Facebook, and Twitter.
- Easily make your own story by RECORDING AUDIO & VIDEO, then save and share it with friends via email, Facebook, YouTube, and Dropbox
- … and ALL for FREE!

Download it now and enjoy the world of interactive stories!

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